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Go Media Co-CEO


For more than 20 years Len has been a writer, producer, executive and collegiate educator in the film and television industry. Len started out as an intern for Spike Lee’s 40 Acres & A Mule and since then worked for networks such as MTV, A&E, HBO and more.

In addition, in 2006 Gibson founded, oversees and executes the artistic vision of the Peachtree Village International Film Festival (PVIFF). Gibson launched PVIFF from the African American Cinema Gallery (AACG) and Hispanic Cinema Museum (HCM), both of which he curated as traveling exhibits of cinema history. Both exhibits have been featured at more than 100 colleges and universities and 100’s of events throughout the United States. In 2019 Gibson partnered with producer and post-production guru Wayne Overstreet to launch GO Media Productions. Gibson along with GO Media recently executive produced feature films “Hell on The Border,” “My Brother’s Keeper,” “Followed,” “For The Love of Money,” television series “Twisted Dish,” “6 Minutes To Glory” and more. Len’s extensive experience, insight, strategy and leadership has made him a highly sought- after person to work with in the industry.

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